About Us

Nature has always been the main influence for H.Stern collections, providing both gemstones and metals as raw material, and serving as a source of inspirations for our designers, who create collections with organic and sensual shapes. From fire, water or waves breaking on the shore, necklaces and rings emerge with sinuous and asymmetrical shapes bewitching women. They are an expression of sensuality and romance. The innovative and distinct jewelry created by H.Stern is the result of a collective effort. Behind such unique collections are 600 craftsman, including goldsmiths, stone cutters and setters, 50 of whom have been with H.Stern for over 20 years. Such talented individuals are what company likes to call 'our most precious jewels'. Collections that blend H.Stern's remarkable design with the colors of Brazilian Gemstones are found exclusively at our World Headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, where the fascinating variety of raw gemstones and metals are transformed into works of art, luxury and design. Browse this website to find out more about H.Stern's creative process and the fantastic world of Brazilian gemstones.

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