Gemological Tour at H.Stern
World's Headquarters

H.Stern's World Headquarters are a complex like no other. They were built to house not only an industry but everything connected with the jeweler's art. As you take the H.Stern Workshop tour, you will see how jewelry is made - from the rough stone to the ready to wear jewel. Discover the beauty of gemstones, Brazil's cultural riches, and admire the quality and design of our collections.

- One of the most visited tourist attractions in Rio
- At the heart of Ipanema District
- Free and Safe transportation to our World Headquarters
- Guided Tour
- Craftsmanship
- Gemological Laboratory
- Design
- Showroom

Admire the fascinating variety of raw gemstones and the creative process of exclusive collections and watch as metals and rough stones are transformed into works of art, luxury and design.

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